• Modernize Traditional Apps with Docker Enterprise Edition

    Increase security, enable portability and lower costs in 5 days without changing app code.

  • Save 50% with Docker

    See how much you can save with Docker Enterprise Edition to optimize infrastructure, operations and development costs.

    Save 50% with Docker
  • Join us at DockerCon Europe

    Come to learn, share, and meet the Docker Community in Copenhagen, Denmark (October 16-19, 2017)

  • Contribute to the Moby Project

    An open framework to assemble specialized container systems without reinventing the wheel.

    Contribute to the Moby Project

MetLife Mashes Up Legacy and Microservices with Docker Enterprise Edition

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A Better Way to Build Apps

A Better Way to Build Apps
  • Escape the app dependency matrix

    Eliminate the “it works on my machine” problem once and for all. Package dependencies with your apps in Docker containers for portability and predictability during development, testing, and deployment.

  • Works with any stack

    Deploy both microservices and traditional apps anywhere without costly rewrites. Isolate apps in containers to eliminate conflicts and enhance security.

  • Better team collaboration

    Streamline collaboration between developers and operators and get features and fixes into production faster. Productive developers doing frequent releases unleashes creativity to build awesome software.

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Ready for Production

Secure by default

Easily build safer apps, ensure tamper-proof transit of all app components and run apps securely on the industry’s most secure container platform.

Build for scale

From one to thousands of containers without breaking a sweat. Built in orchestration makes it easy to scale up to thousands or tens of thousands of nodes in seconds.

Extensible and flexible

Docker delivers apps at the pace of your business by flexibly integrating with existing processes and enterprise systems for storage, networking, logging, and authentication.

Ready for Production

Trusted Enterprise Partner

No Lock In

Docker is the infrastructure independent platform that easily integrates into your existing environment and provides full stack portability for apps to run on today and tomorrow’s infrastructure.

Unified Software Supply Chain for All Apps

Secure and manage apps from build to deploy and every step along the way. Docker Enterprise Edition provides a unified platform across the app lifecycle, for Windows and Linux, on premises and in the cloud, and from development to production.

Trusted and certified

Get enterprise class support running Docker in production at scale with certified infrastructure and plugins. Build apps with certified containers and get assurances from a trusted ecosystem of technology alliances.